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Economical promotional products for new startups

A lot of new startups have a very tight budget for their marketing and promotional expenditures. It is important for these startups to make a good impression in the market with their limited resources. There are many ways to market a new startup, but one of the most effective and cost-efficient methods is through the use of Economical promotional products.

Promotional products are customized products with a company’s branding that are given away to customers and potential customers. They are an excellent marketing tool because they are economical, practical, and can be customized to meet the specific needs of a company.

There are many different types of promotional products that can be used to market a new startup. The most important thing is to choose a product that is relevant to your company and that will be used by your target market.

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promo pens with logo
promo pens with logo

Pens are a commonplace item, yet remain a much-loved and useful gift for employees. Custom branded pens work as a marketing and promotional tool. Metal, plastic, and wooden pens are available, and each can be customized with the branding of your company or organization. Boxes and logos are also available for an extra touch of branding. Pens are affordable and useful gifts for employees, making them perfect for startups.

Giveaway options under 500 rupees


keychains for office
keychains for office

Our company offers a wide range of custom-branded keychains made from different materials like metal, plastic and wooden. You can choose the design that goes with your company branding and have your logo imprinted on it. It makes for an excellent giveaway during promotional events and is a nifty item to distribute among employees.


Keyshape Usb
Keyshape Usb

We have a wide range of USB drives to suit all needs, from metal and plastic USBs, to wood and bamboo USBs. We can even customize the USB with your company branding. It comes with a beautiful box and your logo on it as well. Our sizes range from 16GB to 128GB, and our prices are very affordable. They make the perfect gift for employees or startups.


Bulk Stainless bottles in Pakistan
Bulk Stainless bottles in Pakistan

The unique selling proposition of our temperature bottles is that they come in various colors and can be custom branded with a company’s logo or marketing message. This makes them an excellent tool for corporate gifting, as recipients will use them regularly and be reminded of the company every time they do. They are also economical, making them a cost-effective way to reach a large number of potential customers.


cheap promotional bags
cheap promotional bags

A tote bag is the perfect way to show your company’s branding. It comes in various colors and styles, making it the perfect gift for any occasion. It is also economical, as it will be used regularly by the receiver. The tote bag is also a practical choice for women who need a bag to carry groceries or other items.


A gift set is one of the most trending products that are sold here in companies. The options can be fully customized and can use various product items. Clients can change the box items which best suit their company needs. Most common boxes are with a leather notebook, metal pen and a metal keychain. These boxes come in various sizes and color can be changed account to the companies need.


Custom logo Glass Bottle
Custom logo Glass Bottle

These non-temperature bottles are a very common giveaway as they are be customized fully according to the customer’s requirement. These bottles come in various sizes such as 650ml bottle and 750ml bottle. However the most used color is white but we have multiple colors that a client can choose from. These stainless steel bottles are made with high quality material and the special thing about this bottle is that they can be customized with the help of sublimation which makes it easy for any art work to be used on. Printing can be done 360 degree which give these bottle an edge in the market.


Customized Purple leather notebook with logo_6_11zon

Leather notebook is one of the products which almost all the organization requires. These notebook are made with PU leather which makes it more attractive and gives a very elegant look. Corporate diaries are most commonly used by the employees for multiple work but notebook with branding gives it a very premium look. These diaries can be customized with the color. Any color can be arranged for the client. Colors can be very helpful if the organization wishes to match the color with their company theme. However printing on these notebook can be done with the help of UV printing technology which we also provide the service for. All these notebooks can be fully customized such as each page can be manufactured as per the requirement. These diaries have 100 pages with 80GSM paper.


With all the upcoming events happening in an organization it has become very difficult to choose and select which giveaway would best suit their company needs. In order to reduce the efforts has come with a very great solution. Just schedule a meeting with us and tell us your quantity. One of our sales representative will then give your ideas based on the information provided. We have multiple options from which we can decide. Someone them are mentioned below.

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