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DIY Eid Gift Ideas: Personalized and Budget-Friendly Presents

Eid al-Fitr is a time of celebration, reflection, and generosity for Muslims around the world. One
of the most cherished traditions during Eid is the exchange of gifts among family, friends, and
colleagues. However, finding the perfect Eid gift basket can sometimes be challenging,
especially if you’re on a budget or looking for something more personalized.
Further, we’ll explore a variety of DIY Eid gift ideas that are both budget-friendly and meaningful,
including options for corporate Eid gifts and creative Eid gift baskets.

DIY Eid Gift Ideas:

Personalized Eid Cards

Nothing says “I care” like a heartfelt handwritten note. Create personalized Eid cards using
colorful cardstock, markers, and decorative elements such as stickers or washi tape. Add a
thoughtful message or quote to convey your best wishes for the recipient’s happiness and
blessings during Eid.

Handcrafted Islamic Art

Tap into your creative side and make handcrafted Islamic art pieces as unique Eid gifts basket.
Whether it’s a calligraphy artwork of a favorite Quranic verse or a painted canvas depicting a
mosque silhouette, handmade art adds a personal touch to your gift-giving. You can use various
mediums such as watercolor, acrylics, or even digital design software to create stunning artwork.

DIY Halal Treats:

Indulge your loved ones’ taste buds with homemade halal treats. From cookies and
brownies to date balls and baklava, there are endless possibilities for DIY Eid desserts.
Package your goodies in decorative boxes or jars tied with ribbon for a festive touch.
Include a handwritten recipe card so recipients can recreate the treats themselves.

Customized Gift Baskets:

Create customized Eid gift baskets tailored to the recipient’s interests and preferences.
Fill a basket with an assortment of items such as their favorite snacks, books, skincare
products, or small trinkets. Add a personal touch by including handwritten notes or small
DIY crafts. Gift baskets are versatile and can be customized for family members, friends,
or colleagues.

Corporate Eid Gifts:

DIY Branded Merchandise:
For businesses looking to send corporate Eid gifts to employees or clients, consider DIY
branded merchandise. Design custom items such as mugs, notebooks, or tote bags
featuring your company logo and Eid greetings. DIY branded merchandise adds a
personal touch while promoting your brand identity and fostering a sense of appreciation
among recipients.

Virtual Eid Celebrations:

Incorporate technology into your corporate Eid gifts by organizing virtual Eid celebrations
for remote teams or clients. Host an online gathering with interactive activities such as
virtual games, trivia quizzes, or cooking demos featuring traditional Eid recipes. Send
digital gift cards or e-vouchers as tokens of appreciation for participants.

Eid Gift Baskets:

Spa Day at Home:

Create a DIY spa day gift basket filled with pampering essentials for relaxation and selfcare. Include items such as scented candles, bath bombs, face masks, and luxurious body
lotions. Add a personalized touch with a handwritten note encouraging the recipient to
take time for themselves and unwind during Eid.

Gourmet Food Basket:

Put together a gourmet food basket featuring a selection of halal treats and delicacies.
Include artisanal chocolates, exotic spices, gourmet coffee or tea, and premium nuts or
dried fruits. Arrange the items in a decorative basket or hamper for an elegant
presentation. A gourmet food basket is perfect for food lovers and can be enjoyed during
Eid celebrations or shared with family and friends.


With a little creativity and thoughtfulness, DIY Eid gifts baskets can be both personalized and
budget-friendly. Whether you’re crafting handmade artwork, baking delicious treats, or curating
customized gift baskets, the gesture of giving speaks volumes during Eid al-Fitr. Incorporate these
DIY Eid corporate gift ideas into your celebrations to spread joy, love, and blessings to your loved ones
and colleagues

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